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We are a young consultancy that starts from the professional experience and concerns about leadership nowadays. SME’s are the support of national economies but it does not have the life easy to survive…How make things to work faster, more simply and efficient?

We are here for small companies, micro companies and professionals who need help to grow up, to innovate, to perform best and sell better.

We understand that our clients need a totally personalized assistance so we work with them in their companies, we are In House Consultants. We totalle refuse the regular model of consultancy meaning that a consultant will be a few hours in a month in the company and he will come back with a study and some solutions. No! Companies are alive, with requests and changes everyday! So, we are there with our clients, working on these requests and changes!

Lots of very good ideas never go to the market. Mostly because of 3 factors: funds, team and sales. We are the project department of your company. We work on this 3 vectors to help your company to transform a good idea in a successful product to the market.