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What can we do for you

Innovation project management

  • We give a body to your idea, which means to do a business plan and start it up. You can think that your company is the mind and we are the arms and legs.
  • We look up for good and quality partners for your project
  • We establish and Strategic Plan definition and implementation
  • We look up for funds: public and private
  • We do the Project Coordination: all the tasks should work as a Swiss watch to be successul. We make it happens!

Competitiveness and Commercial Strategy Consultancy

  • We understand the competitive potential from a sector or a company
  • We identify the tasks needed to improve competitiveness
  • We establish Strategic Plan definition and implementation
  • We build in and coordinate new commercial teams
  • We look for internationalization and new markets

Other activities

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Seminars totally free for sectorial associations

Meetings for entrepreneurs to discuss about an interesting subject and establish contact with possible partners in future

Meetings with future professionals in Universities and Professional Schools

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Why choose #TAAI as your Consultancy?

  • We have proved experience in several markets: construction, environment, metallurgy, insurance services…
  • We are a young company with a great understanding about what it is to be a small company, and the special needs of our costumers
  • We have differenced skills and knowledge that helps to understand our costumers language and transform their projects in successful sales
  • We have strong implemented values