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Who we are

We are here for small companies, micro companies and professionals who need help to grow up, to innovate, to perform best and sell better.

Our values

  • Honesty

  • Young professionals

  • Perseverance

  • Pain


That’s your moment!

Companies need to re-engineer process and human capital to be competitive. All the management concepts from the past are changing. The market now demands special, personalized and totally professional solutions.

Being in the market means being competitive in a global economy.

Being competitive means understand the fast changing market and this is innovate everyday: process, products and services.

Economical crises are fully of opportunities.

Starting a new European framework plan (H2020) for innovation and for the first time SME’s are a “core business” for Europe.

TAAI Idea – How we work

  • We  want to be part of the client company
  • We work by objectives
  • We start from an idea and we finish commitment with the market start up
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“Companies that will have a long life are those who have the power
of innovation and a continuous adaptation to the market.”

TAAI Tools – Save Money

New technologies for communication

  • There are lots of free communication tools Voip based that allow working online with several teams at same time
  • Save money and time with unneeded meetings
  • Minimize group brainstorm, maximize decisions

Open database

  • Use of Google tools and cloud for clients projects
  • Free for clients
  • Save time by working all team on the same model and not loosing time looking for information

Own project manager tools developed and tested for years, excel based

  • Save time on new developments and testing project manager software
  • After years testing lots of software for project management, the best one is the adaptive capacity of Excel (or other worksheet) with an SQL database (or other) behind